🌟🌟🌟 SOLD – 8531 Woodtrail Place Burnaby Townhouse for Sale 🌟🌟🌟

★★★ 8531 Woodtrail Place Burnaby V5A 4A9★★★

Congratulations to the Sellers to have his beautiful townhouse sold in his preferred timeline although it is in a slow market season. Thank you to the counterpart agent James for his professional work. And Thank you for my clients’ Support, Trust and Business.
Last night I dreamed of a home in a forest with hiking trails like a camping site, but that was still close to all the action. It had a forest-critter nursery for my newborn, a spacious bedroom for my oldest, an office and heated bathroom floors. We had a flower garden and a raised vegetable garden. In the summer, our oldest played outside or in the pool with their friends, while the central AC kept us cool. The kitchen was my favourite. Its huge granite counters sparkled under the skylights and it had a whisper-quiet Miele dishwasher. We chatted with guests on the adjacent balcony while I kept an eye on the meal. The only problem was, I couldn’t decide if we should eat in our elegant dining room or on our private deck… What would you do?   All measurements are approx. Buyer and Buyer’s agent to verify.

💰 $ 1,020,000
🛏 4 bedrooms
🛀 2full bathroom, 1 half bathrooms
🅿️ single garage
🏗 42 years old
⭐️ 1776sqft

📣 Property Features:
✨ Fantastic Forest Hills Experience ✨
🏡 Meticulously maintained 4-bed, 3-bath end unit home
🚪 Stunning slate entrance
🌟 Gleaming hardwood floors
🛁 Heated bathroom floors
❄️ Central A/C
🍳 Bright kitchen with skylights, granite counters
🛏️ Spa-like master suite
🪟 California shutters for added elegance
🌳 Spacious outdoor patio for entertaining
🏊‍♂️ Complex pool for cooling off
🏫 Conveniently located near Forest Grove Elementary
🌳 Proximity to parks, public transport, and shopping
🆕 Recent upgrades:
🍽️ High-end Miele Dishwasher
🖲️ Bosch Microwave
🎨 Fresh paint
💡 Updated lighting fixtures
❄️ A/C
💧 Water tank
🏢 Strata improvements in 2018
🖌️ Exterior painting in 2022

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祝賀賣家,儘管現在正處於市場淡季,但他的美麗聯排別墅仍按他喜歡的時間表售出。 感謝對方代理 James 的專業工作。 感謝客戶的支持、信任與業務。

昨晚,我夢想著在森林裡有一個家,有像露營地一樣的遠足小徑,但這仍然接近所有活動。 它為我的新生兒提供了一個森林動物托兒所,為我最大的孩子提供了一間寬敞的臥室,一間辦公室和加熱浴室地板。 我們有一個花園和一個高地菜園。 夏天,我們最大的孩子和他們的朋友在外面或游泳池玩耍,而中央空調讓我們保持涼爽。 廚房是我最喜歡的。 巨大的花崗岩櫃檯在天窗下閃閃發光,還有一台安靜的 Miele 洗碗機。 我們在相鄰的陽台上與客人聊天,而我則留意著飯菜。 唯一的問題是,我無法決定我們應該在我們優雅的餐廳還是在我們的私人甲板上吃飯……你會怎麼做? 所有測量值均為約。 買方和買方代理人進行核實。

💰 1,020,000加元
🛏 4間臥室
🛀 2間全浴室,1間半浴室
🅿️ 單車庫
🏗 42年
⭐️ 1776平方英尺

📣 物業特色:
✨ 夢幻森林山體驗 ✨
🏡 精心維護的 4 床、3 浴室終端單元住宅
🚪 令人驚嘆的石板入口
🌟 閃閃發光的硬木地板
🛁 浴室地板加熱
🍳 明亮的廚房,配有天窗、花崗岩櫃檯
🛏️ 水療式主人套房
🪟 加州百葉窗增添優雅氣質
🌳 寬敞的戶外露台可供娛樂
🏊‍♂️ 消暑的綜合泳池
🏫 位置便利,靠近 Forest Grove Elementary
🌳 靠近公園、公共交通工具和購物中心
🍽️ 高階 Miele 洗碗機
🎨 新油漆
🏢 2018 年分層改善


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