Our Beliefs

  • Our Success is not measured or determined by achievements or awards in our career, but it is measured by the satisfaction of our clients, and the contribution we can make to families in need and the communities we serve.
  • Our Job is to provide our clients all useful real estate information they need so as to make the best decisions to achieve their real estate goals and / or help resolve their real estate issues
  • Our expert is to show the best in your home from our services to achieve better price.
  • Our marketing is to use various technologies and different media channels in different languages to have maximize exposure of your home in order to get more opportunities for more offers.
  • Our effort and our ability will show the achievement resulting in earn your trust and business, most importantly in building a long term business and happy customer.

COVID-19 Marketing Package


We know that safety is important nowadays.  We have implemented a number of actions to minimize the risk of COVID-19 possibility.   And our marketing package is ensure the home can be shown at its best presentation with our marketing and can be shown in a safety manner by implementing touchless approach whenever possible.  Please read the summary here below and check out our services further down in more details.

  1.  We have COVID-19 questionnaire to enquiry the buyer’s current health status and his past visiting history for the last 14 days.
  2.  We only show when the buyer’s and his/her agents are in health status
  3.  We  ensure all visitors wearing Masks when visiting the property.
  4.  We implement Social Distance for all visitors.
  5.  We will provide 3D Matterport Walk through Tour  to ALL our listings (not selective).  We ensure the visitor has viewed the 3D Matterport before they come.  So, only serious buyers are filtered to come.  More 3D 24/7 Virtual Open house can be found in http://www.Find-Home-Value.ca/3d.
  6. We will provide Digital floor plan or Printed floor plan to ALL our listings so that they can view the layout of the home in a clear pictures.
  7. We will provide Professional Virtual Staging to ALL vacant home so that the home can be shown in good presentation, rather than just empty home.  But, can minimize any possible damage to your home from any physical furniture.
  8. We will provide Professional Home Staging to non vacant home.  Our expert will decorate your home and make the home more vivid and presentable to provide the best first impression to our visitor.
  9. We will provide Multiple Language marketing strategies including Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and English.
  10. We will target not only local buyers, but also potential oversea buyers who are qualified to buy.

We are confident that we delivery our value added services more than most other Realtors in the current market.   We are willing to invest the best marketing services into your property because we want you to get the most money into your pocket. We want to get the most amount of money in a shorter timeframe.  We have proven records to show our marketing strategy to keep breaking sale price in our surrounding areas of our listing.  Our Sellers are always happy on the result we achieve for them.

Please check out our marketing package below.

Our latest Matterport 3D Virtual Realty – Walking through your property 24×7 online

blue-white-pearl-icon-businessVisit our 24/7 Virtual Open House for all potential buyers

We always market this webpage through different channel and invite all potential buyers to see all our listings.

blue-white-pearl-icon-businessMATTERPORT 3D VIRTUAL TOURS

Included on EVERY listing 
I’m proud to offer this revolutionary technology for every one of my clients at NO extra charge.

blue-white-pearl-icon-business3D Virtual Realty Experience

Real 3D data is the only way to give prospective a true sense of presence – the feeling of being in a place. That’s why Matterport Spaces are the most immersive way to experience a physical location online.

blue-white-pearl-icon-businessSeparate our clients’ listing from the Crowd

Attract more potential buyers and make your listing stand out with a Matterport 3D tour.

We offer complementary Home Staging Service to our Sellers. We have one goal that we want to sell your property the best price possible.

Home Staging

Home Staging

Home staging makes your listing shine -Home staging is proven to sell homes faster and at a premium price.  Home staging helps your listing stand out from competitive listings.    Stagers are adept at helping sellers deal with sensitive issues that can be an obstacle to a successful sale, giving you an advantage in a competitive real estate market, resulting in a higher sale price! Find out more about Home Staging!

Home Staging

Home Staging Benefits

Home Staged House and condos show to their full potential. When sellers combine home staging with professional photography, the result may showcase the property and draw more showings. Here are results from some recent studies:

    2008 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers –> 87% of all home buyers and 94% aged 25 – 44 use the internet to search for a property
    National Association of Realtors –> 98% of buyers said photos were among the most useful features of real estate websites
    Redfin Study –> on-line listings with professional photos received 61% more views

Strata Document

A Seller is supposed to provide all Strata document for a potential buyer or buyer agent after accepted offer.  The Strata document includes a number of document including Form B, 2 years meeting minutes, Annual General meeting minutes, Special General meeting minutes,  Financial statement, depreciation report (if any), Strata plan and etc.   We want to save time for the Seller to prepare those.  We will order and manage the strata document on your behalf for qualified Sellers.

For Qualified home, we offer more services for our VIP Sellers.  Please book an appointment to ensure you are qualified.

Virtual staging 1

Virtual Home Staging

Technology is playing a significant role.  For Vacant home, we hire professional Virtual Stager to stage your home and minimize the impact to move big furniture to you home. Give a good impression to you all potential buyers.  Based on the growing popularity of the technology among real estate professionals, it would appear that both buyers and sellers have embraced Virtual Staging.

Virtual Home Staging Benefits

Professional Virtual Home Staging first became popular during the Great Recession, since it helped banks and other homeowners make barren, run-down houses look presentable quickly.

  • Differentiate your vacant property online. Over 90% of buyers begin their searches online—and an empty home is less appealing in photographs.
  • Effectively market to your target buyer. Whether you want rustic, modern or vintage, we have a library of furniture styles to satisfy any decor.
  • Let our professional to offer you this great services
  • Click for More Virtual Staging..
Medallion Club Member

Award Winning Realtor

I have grown up and Studies at UBC in Computer Science. As a full time professional real estate agent, we work on Real Estate Buying and Selling everyday in the cities of Greater Vancouver area. I am a Top 3% Realtor of Greater Vancouver and 10% Realtor of Greater Vancouver in 2015- 2018.  Let my knowledge and experience to work with you. And I will always put your best interest as our first priority.

In addition, we also offer the following marketing services to our VIP Sellers…

Remax Logo - Lotus Yuen

Why Remax Crest Realty

Buying or selling a home is likely the largest and most important transaction you’ll ever make. The most widely recognized real estate brand in the world.  For more than 20 years, RE/MAX has been the leading real estate organization in Canada. By providing the best training, administrative and marketing support, brokers and agents are free to focus on what they do best: SELL REAL ESTATE.  We are Unrivalled Expertise, Tech Savvy, and Community Consciousness.

As a Remax Agent, Lotus Yuen is able to bring you the exceptional real estate services you deserve to leverage through this dynamic Vancouver real estate market.


Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is the reason Find-Home-Value.ca always use the high quality photography to best showcase all of our listings.  We usually take more pictures than necessary in order to pick the best to show your home.

youtube white video

High Quality Video Tours

Video gives the prospective buyer the feeling of moving through the home.  Real estate video marketing conveys information effortlessly and quickly. Viewers can see how rooms and spaces connect and get a feel for the flow of the house or property. Video is also a great way to show accurate room size and home features.

Web & Mobile Presence

Over 90% of home searches start online, and many real estate website visits are generated from mobile devices. Find-Home-Value.ca assures that all listings are presented well on our mobile-responsive website, with social-media optimization as well as in Laptops.

Our top listings are featured on the website with priority, along with full MLS® Search capacities for all customers to access all listings.

Socially Friendly Web Presence

Not only the Find-Home-Value.ca website is optimized for responsive-mobile browsing, but also the listings are shown on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media channels. Social sharing is one of popular ways to increase exposure of your listing.

Our investment in photography, video tour and professional home staging does not mean anything if we do not have a proper channel to share and expose.  That is why we ensure we stay on top of the digital marketing field.

High-Quality Feature Sheets

Your listing is always given with the high quality feature sheets with our professional photography! First impressions matter, and we assure that the flyer are informative with quality content and materials.  And Delivery well to every visitors.

personal real estate service

Hands On Service

Personalized services are provided by www.Find-Home-Value.ca for all homeowners and buyers mean you are never alone in your real estate transactions. We provide personal service to meet you and talk to you.  We are not asking an assistant to meet with you.   We always treat you as our VIP partner.

Vancouver MLS Search

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involved the promotion of your property listing by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPS) through optimization and advertising.

Asia Marketing

Oversea Marketing (Chinese)

In addition to English marketing, Find-Home-Value.ca help you expose to more market.

We help you attract different potential buyers, investors and developers in Asia such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong,  and other native Chinese-language markets.  We have strategic marketing plan to promote your properties to these oversea buyers through different marketing channels.

Lotus Yuen - Certified Negotiation Expert

Certified Negotiation Expert

I am certified Negotiation Expert.  I am trained to have good skills for Negotiation and plenty of experience for Buying and Selling Home.  I know what I can do the best for my clients, and get the best result for them regardless of buying or selling a property.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Rental Property Management

We are licensed Property Management.  We have good knowledge on tenant property and good advice on dealing for any property with Tenant.  This is a complicated issue when involving tenants.  Whenever you have queries about Selling, Buying, Investment, Landlord and Tenant question,   give us a call and let us handle any headache for you.

Remax Collection with Lotus Yuen PREC

Remax Collection

For Luxury home,  it is important to find the right target. Remax offers a portal to showcase all luxury home targeting the audiences who are looking for Luxury style living.  We also make sure the type of audience are included in our marketing plan for Luxury Property.

Remax marketing with Lotus Yuen

Remax Website

Remax offical website is one of the most popular websites in Real Estate Market. There are tons of visitor viewing everyday and your listing with me will expose to many potential buyers.  It results in showing to more prospectives.

Global News advertising

Internet Advertising

We make use of technology and internet.  We have advertising in many places that allow audiences to click and redirect to a page to show case you listings.  It probably like currently are being redirected now from one of our marketing channels.  Your listing is also displayed in this page and to ensure our marketing fund are well expense with positive result

Associated Sites working for you and your listing by Lotus Yuen PREC

All associated sites working hard for you

All website are working hard for you and your listings until your listing are sold with your satisfaction.  We target different audience and make sure that your website are showing in front of them when visiting most of these sites directly or indirectly.

www.GaaJia.com 加拿大大溫哥華房地產
English & Chinese Real Estate

English and Chinese Marketing

We will market your home in different languages so that your home can be viewed in Chinese (Traditional and/or Simplified) written languages and English.  Local people who does not speaking English can also know more about your home in different Chinese Channels.  We exposed your home listing to non-English speaking communities that are also one of major groups of prospects.

Realtors’ Network

We are not only working with some teams in the same company or working within a team.  We seek buyers from all Realtors who has buyers or prospects in the current market.  Our goals is help the Seller to maximize the exposure for the property.    We share and promote our listings among our Realtor network.  And we also promote your home listing with different Realtors in different companies in our circle.   We have made use of the network connection to  help promote our clients’ listing.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We care about your needs, your feedback and your feeling.  We commit to provide a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not happy about our services,  let us know and we will address your concern and follow up action.  However,  you are still not satisfied,  it is no problem, and you can cancel anytime at NO COST to you.  We assure that you are happy  during the whole real estate transaction.  Even after the transaction,  feel free to call us for any help. 8)

Your home is worth more than you think…

How much is your home worth?


Real Estate Sold Lotus Yuen

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    We commit to delivery the professional real estate services to your home.  We offer value added services to invest your home and custom effective market plan in nowadays digital world.

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    There are a number of steps from initial step to get your home SOLD.  We can have four milestones in the process, and we will walk you through and update you in the whole process.  If you are not happy about our services, you can cancel anytime and No Cost to you.

     You have 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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    Give us a call and fill out the form.  And we will arrange a meet up so that we understand your needs and the condition of your home.  No Obligation.


    We will prepare a complimentary Real Estate Report for you, and you will have all information you need to help determine the price for your home.


    Our team will prepare your home including home staging by a certified home stager.  And prepare custom marketing strategy to promote your home for sales.  And prepare well all marketing materials and plan.


    Arrange open house, Go over the offer process and Ready to get it SOLD.  We will be with you along the whole process and explain to you in every steps.

    Your home is worth more than you think…

    How much is your home worth?


    Real Estate Sold Lotus Yuen

    Get Your Complimentary Home Market Report Today!

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      Lotus has been our realtor, providing our family with incredible advice and service for several years. With his professional knowledge, negotiation skills, patience and dedication, we were able to complete sales and purchases at the right time with exceptional outcome. The property we sold a year back was among one of highest prices in the neighborhood. Thanks to Lotus, the apartment we just bought is our best find in terms of location, quality and price, yet we were not interested initially and only considered viewing because of his persuasion. He guided us through every steps involved, and connected us to professionals and tradesman throughout the process.

      Lotus is respectful and reliable. I still remember the incident when we were viewing an apartment with a construction site close by, the buyer agent emphasized that he had checked the development plan and confirmed that the building under construction would just be a few floors high and wouldn’t block the view. But Lotus found out within minutes that it would have 15 floors and block the view completely. We also encountered a few times when seller agents declared no storage locker and yet Lotus were able to identify storage locker existence at the time of making offer.

      Karin Poon
      Lotus was honest and upfront from the start. He was thorough and organized. He guided me step by step with both the selling of my house and the purchase of my new home. Lotus gave great advice on all aspect of the sale such as pricing, staging and the time to put on the market. The whole process of selling and buying went very smooth. We were not only selling in very good price in the neighbourhood, but also save more money from the transition between old home to new home. I really appreciated his dedication and profession. I will definitely recommend Lotus to family and friends.
      Kenneth Ku
      This letter is to show our appreciation for the successful sale of our home. We had tried to sell before with another realtor, but not successful. Lotus Yuen presented himself in a professional calm manner, most knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. He has also provided value-added services to showcase our home in a professional aspect including home staging service, professional photographs and video, custom color brochure, market analysis, and newspaper/online marketing. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiations. Sincerely we wish you all the success in the future. We are pleased to recommend Lotus Yuen without hesitation..
      Desmond Wong

      We know Lotus for a long time even before he became a realtor. He adopts ‘customers first’ policy and has been very helpful to us in both buy and sell of apartments.

      He helped us to get the best prices in all cases, to find any loopholes in the transactions and provides excellent advices in every aspects.

      He is the best realtor we have met.

      Oscar Lo
      Finding the most suitable home in Great Vancouver is a hell of a task. And to get that done in space of 2 weeks is more like a mission impossible! But we just achieved that, solely because of the outstanding professional help and support we received from our agent Lotus!
      Simon Liu
      I am happy with the sale of my townhouse and purchase of my new duplex. The service and advice that Lotus gave helped a lot. The free staging made my townhouse very presentable and hot in the market ( I had 14 offers!). I sold my townhouse at a very good price. Lotus is very patient, helpful, hard-working, knowledgeable and honest. He also helped me to buy a new home. Most important, Lotus kept me in the loop in all aspects of the process. I really appreciate all his efforts and help. I highly recommend Lotus to anyone who wants to sell or buy a house.
      Marisa Tang

      We can help you in real estate business