Delivery high quality 3D Virtual Realty for Real Estate listings

by Award-Winning Realtor – Lotus Yuen PREC

EVERYTHING you need to know about 3D Virtual Property Tours!




Why are 3D Virtual Realty for Real Estate a MUST HAVE?

Let’s pretend that you are selling your home in the city of Vancouver and there is a person who is relocating to Vancouver to your area or neighborhood from oversea or other Province. This potential buyer wants to buy a home before he comes, however, he may not come to visit here due to some reason. If a 3D virtual showing tour are created for your property, this potential buyer would literally be able to virtually walk-thru your entire home from his homeland on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even Virtual Reality goggles! This will increase the possibilities of selling from oversea buyers while they are not physically in Vancouver.

In addition, if your property is tenanted and it is not easy to open. Then, this Virtual Tour can give a preview to all prospect who may be interested in your property. Only serious buyer will request for showing. This may minimize any impact to your tenant.

How do 3D Virtual Showing Tours work?
(Try it out for yourself below to see how easy it is to use)

My 3D Matterport Camera is a large productivity tool.   This Matterport 3D Virtual Realty showcase your home in different aspects and with different details.  This property listing viewing experience for potential home buyers greatly helps your home listing stand out among ALL of the others listing without 3D tour.   The 3D virtual showing property and home tour allows the potential buyer for your home to have a fun and user friendly experience when “virtually walking” through your entire home from the comfort and convenience of their own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And your property can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

The Matterport camera itself, along with other equipment required and data space to use is extremely expensive and costly, which is why most real estate agents have not decided to purchase them. The Matterport camera automatically produces high definition quality immersive 3D models in any given space that capture the colors, contours and overall floorplan of a house while calculating dimensions and spatial relationships between objects and various floors of your home. While it may be extremely technologically advanced and also takes a great deal of working knowledge to create the actual 3D Virtual Showing Tours, it is still very easy for ANYONE to use and view! When viewing the 3D Virtual Showing Tour, all you have to do is click to “walk” through the entire floor plan of the home and then drag to see a 360 degree view of whatever area you want to see (you can also look up and down). Click on a sample tour above of one of my listings to try this amazing technology out for yourself and you will see how easy it truly is to use.

What are the TOP benefits of having a 3D Virtual Showing Property and Home Tour?

Burnaby Real Estate Yellow CheckSTAND OUT from all of the homes that you are in direct competition with who do not have 3D virtual showing property tours! 99% of the homes you are in direct competition with do not have 3D virtual showings so just by using 3D virtual showing property and home tours you are in the TOP 1% of listings.

Burnaby Real Estate Yellow CheckFILTER OUT SERIOUS BUYERS who have toured your home online and have interest in seeing it in person from the buyers who are “just looking!” This helps you avoid unnecessary showings from buyers who would not be interested in your home because “the floorplan doesn’t work for them.”

Burnaby Real Estate Yellow CheckNO MORE OPEN HOUSES every single weekend at your property! Open houses still work, but do not need to be done every week. Instead people can view the 3D virtual showing property tour any time they want to view it, 24/7 from the comfort and convenience of their own homes or wherever they are, even when sitting out front of the home looking at the exterior.

Burnaby Real Estate Yellow CheckLESS INCONVENIENCE for the Sellers! Since the Sellers will be getting more serious buyers through their homes they won’t have to be inconvenienced as much by cleaning and leaving the property every single time an agent wants to “preview” the home for one of their buyer clients who may or may not even be with them during their showing appointment that they scheduled.

Burnaby Real Estate Yellow CheckMORE INQUIRIES ABOUT YOUR PROPERTY! Buyers are 95% more likely to call about your home and want to see it after viewing the tour if they like it and spend on average 3 times more looking at your listing vs. all the other listings that do not have the 3D tour.

Burnaby Real Estate Yellow CheckNEVER LOSE SHOWINGS! On the rare occasion that you cannot accept a showing due to a sick family member, party/cookout at your home or some other unforseen reason, you will always have your 3D virtual showing tour available online for all prospective buyers who want to see inside 24/7 and can still show your home “virtually” without losing the showing or prospect altogether.

In my opinion this is ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE TECHNOLOGY if you are trying to sell your home in today’s day and age and want to have an edge on ALL of your other competition on the market, which is exactly why I invested a lot of working capital into this product to make it a reality for ALL of my clients for NO EXTRA HIDDEN FEES OR CHARGES!

Your home is worth more than you think…

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